Under Your Spell

UNDER YOUR SPELL was sold in a two-book deal to Simon & Schuster after a seven-way auction, and will be published as a lead romance debut in June 2024. DAISY JONES AND THE SIX meets PRACTICAL MAGIC with a touch of THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK, the novel balances romance and comedy sublimely, following Clemmie who, after drunkenly casting a spell with her sisters after a bad break-up, promptly lands a dream summer job as housekeeper for world-famous rockstar Theo Elliott.

Clemmie’s life is a mess: she’s lost her job, her flat, her boyfriend (who took everything and the cat).

She’s also the strait-laced daughter of an aging rock-god famed for fathering three daughters with three different women – and it’s Clemmie’s beloved sisters Lil and Serena who fly to the rescue now. Together, they revive a witchy ritual from their teenage years – the Break-Up Spell: three wishes for the one who is heartbroken, and a curse on whoever broke their heart.

Serena wishes for hot sex (because Serena is Serena)

Clemmie wishes for a job that she loves (because Clemmie overthought things, as per usual)

Lil wishes for big soulmate love (because Lil is soppy AF)

And we won’t dwell on the curse, but just know that it’s…itchy.

When Clemmie has the hottest sex of her life with a stranger (AT A FUNERAL), it looks like the spell is finally working its magic. And when she lands a summer job as housekeeper for enigmatic musician Theo Eliott, on retreat to write his next album, can big soulmate love be far behind?

But when the stranger from the funeral turns out to BE enigmatic musician Theo Eliott, everything changes. Because Clemmie has secrets of her own that not even six weeks alone with a world-famous heartthrob like Theo Eliott can dispel. As their summer together turns into its own kind of magic, is Clemmie cursed to repeat the mistakes of her past – or will her future see all her wishes come true?

UNDER YOUR SPELL is the adult romcom debut from YA romance queen Laura Wood. Published in seven languages, Laura’s dreamy love stories for teens include A SKY PAINTED GOLD, which was nominated for the YA Book Prize, two Books Are My Bag awards, and the RNA Romantic Novel Of The Year 2019, and AGENCY FOR SCANDAL which was published earlier this year. Laura lives in Warwickshire with her husband and their dog Bea; she has a PhD in Victorian Literature and her many likes include: recipe books, Jilly Cooper, poetry, cosy woollen jumpers, Edith Nesbit, crisp autumn leaves, Jack Gilbert, new stationery, sensation fiction, salted caramel, and Rufus Sewell’s cheek-bones. Laura is represented by Louise Lamont at Luigi Bonomi Associates.