The Strangeworlds Travel Agency

After moving to the sleepy village of Little Wyverns, Felicity ‘Flick’ Hudson finds herself staring at an odd looking shop front on the high-street – Strangeworlds Travel Agency. The dirty and dusty shop-front demands her attention, though she isn’t able to say exactly why. What Flick doesn’t know yet is that Strangeworlds is unlike any other travel agency, and the many old suitcases stacked up inside it are not luggage, but ways to travel to different magical worlds.

Jonathan Mercator, the young man in charge of the travel agency, takes an interest in Flick when he discovers she can see magic. But Flick doesn’t believe in magic and has never even been abroad before, never mind to magical lands.

But when Jonathan shows Flick a multitude of strange places – a forest of crystals, a world with a trampoline-like surface to bounce on, and even an eerie lighthouse on a beach that leaves her shivering, Flick quickly believes that magic does exist. However, the trips to other worlds have a purpose as Jonathan is trying to trace his father who has disappeared.

But as the duo travel, they learn that things are not as they should be in these other magical worlds. There are vanished streets, changed weather patterns, and something seems to be causing a disturbance across the whole multiverse.

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