The Plotters

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Behind assassinations that change the course of history, there are always the plotters. Plotters are highly intelligent masterminds with the powerful watching their backs. Their plots are handed over to the assassins who then carry them out. Since the Japanese Colonization of Korea, Library of Dogs has been the most powerful organization of assassins.

Raesang is an orphan and an adopted son of Old Raccoon, the director of the library. There has never been a second option for Raesang other than being an assassin. With the advent of Korea’s democratization, Library of Dogs is pushed out to the margins of the plotting world by a new force headed by former Library member Hanja, who has succeeded in turning his organization into a corporate security company. When Raesang changes the assassination plot of a former general, things become tense between Hanja and the Library, and the conflict spirals out of control. Raesang had already lost two people to Hanja, the Trainer, a father figure to Raesang, and Chu, an assassin who was put on the blacklist for letting his target go. When his best friend Jeong-an is also taken out by Hanja and his henchman, the Barber, Raesang dissociates himself from the Library and becomes a free agent.

Mito, the female protagonist, is a prodigy who has lost her father to a plot. After a long period of preparation, she becomes a plotter’s assistant. When Mito approaches Raesang with her own scheme to overturn the plotting world, all hell breaks loose.