The Hotel

THE HOTEL is a twisty, psychological thriller with a gothic feel (and a sprinkling of The Blair Witch Project) set in a rambling, deserted hotel on the Welsh coast. Louise’s writing feels really visual and creepy and the book brings together a great ensemble of characters.

Four of them went to the hotel

Only three of them came back

Ten years later, they return one last time

Four teenagers travel to Ravencliffe, an abandoned hotel perched on steep cliffs on the Welsh coast to create their own spooky Blair Witch-esque documentary. After a series of unexplained accidents, only three of them leave. The fourth, Leo, disappears, and is never seen again.

A decade on, the remaining three friends have lost contact but their film has reached cult status.

Oscar is fame-hungry, making public appearances and selling his story. Richard sank into alcoholism and is only just recovering. Bex just wants to forget.

But when a TV company approaches the trio to shoot a ‘making of’ documentary back at the hotel, Bex can’t resist the opportunity to find out what really happened to Leo that night. And so, the friends are reunited. But as soon as they and the TV crew get to the hotel things start going wrong again. Objects mysteriously disappear and reappear. Accidents happen. And Bex realises that her former friends know far more than they are letting on about the true events at Ravencliffe that night…

Louise grew up in Caerphilly, Wales. She studied English Literature at university and was an English teacher for fifteen years.

In the summer of 2019 Louise was discovered by her publisher at the Primadonna Festival.

Her debut book, SLEEPLESS, a “frighteningly inventive” speculative thriller inspired by her own experience of insomnia, was published by HQ in 2020, was the Karin Slaughter Asda Read for that year and leapt to the top of the Amazon pre-order charts. It was also optioned for TV by Insurrection Media.

Her second book, the psychological thriller, THE SAFE HOUSE, was published in 2022. THE HOTEL is her third and most recent book.

Louise is represented by Kate Shaw at The Shaw Agency