MIDNIGHT is a gripping, claustrophobic thriller set on an Antarctic cruise. With a boyfriend missing, a killer on board, and a crippling fear of the ocean to top it – MIDNIGHT is an utterly chilling and atmospheric novel, littered with twists and turns, and a compelling female protagonist at the centre. Amy’s love for adventure all started on a spontaneous solo voyage to Antarctica on the eve of her thirtieth birthday – the ice cliffs and spectacular skies described so lyrically in MIDNIGHT, are all inspired by Amy’s own travels. It is published on 22nd June by Michael Joseph.

With her life back in London falling apart, Olivia cannot believe her luck when she’s invited on a once-in-a-lifetime Antarctic cruise with her boyfriend, Aaron.

Olivia has never been anywhere so spectacular: huge cliffs of ice loom high on the horizon, penguins dive through the sparkling sea, and above it all, the sun never sets in the eerie twilight sky.

Then Aaron disappears. And a body is discovered on board.

Surrounded by strangers, Olivia has no idea who she can trust.

If she can’t figure it out soon, she might not make it back alive . . .

Amy McCulloch is the Chinese-White author of BREATHLESS, her debut adult thriller – now an international bestseller. She has also written eight novels for children and young adults, including the #1 bestselling YA novel The Magpie Society: One for Sorrow. In September 2019, she became the youngest Canadian woman to climb Mt. Manaslu in Nepal — the world’s eighth highest mountain. She also summited the highest mountain in the Americas, Aconcagua, in -45C and 90kmph winds, and has visited all seven continents.

Amy is represented by Juliet Mushens at Mushens Entertainment.