Love On The Menu

LOVE ON THE MENU is a beautifully written and compelling novel that follows Gia as she strives to build a life in London far from her home in India, when a chance note inside a guilt-ridden takeaway leads her down an unexpected path. It won the Avon-Mushens Commercial Fiction Prize in 2021 and was published by Harper Collins in UK and US in April 2023. 

Gia thrives on taking risks. After having her heart broken back home in India, she moved to London alone to chase her dreams.

Ben always plays things safe. He works the same job in the same restaurant, night after night.

But tonight, is going to be different. Because fate will mean one of Ben’s deliveries goes to Gia’s apartment and in return a note from her will make its way back to him at the restaurant. Ben and Gia have never met. But with each new delivery, Ben slips in a note of his own and waits patiently for her reply.

One by one, these notes transform their lives in unexpected ways and an unlikely and truly unique love story begins.

Born in Calcutta, Mimi Deb worked as a journalist for leading national dailies and magazines, before producing TV dramas and, later, feature films. When not writing, Mimi is probably running along the Thames thinking of her next story, or next meal. Mimi is represented by Rachel Neely at Mushens Entertainment.