Inkbound: Meticulous Jones and the Skull Tattoo

On her 10th birthday, Meticulous Jones receives her fate, as all children do, in the form of a magical tattoo. She hopes that her ink will reveal something exciting: travel, discovery or adventure. What appears is a skull, held by a violet glove. Metty’s fate is to become a murderer.

Metty is swiftly hidden away by her father, Moral, in the remote countryside. But when Moral goes missing, his sister Magnificent arrives to sweep Metty off to the glittering city of New London. And when Metty hears rumours of a shadowy organisation known as the Black Moths, she suspects they are connected to her father’s disappearance – and to her own fate.

Philippa grew up in East Yorkshire, spending summers down south with her eccentric grandparents and writing feverishly as soon as she could hold a pen. When not writing, she enjoys learning new languages, studying anything from historical fashion to shipwrecks, and is a bit obsessed with sharks. She currently lives just outside Hull with her family and three weird and wonderful rescue cats, Bram, Lyra and Theo the Brave. Philippa is represented by Hannah Sheppard Literary Agency.