From Now Until Forever

FROM NOW UNTIL FOREVER follows Ben Church, a man running out of time and trying to grab every bit of life he can, and Vita Ambrose, a widow trying to run down the clock – and asks the question: is it ever too late to fall in love? It is funny, charming, and has a wonderful compelling twist.

Vita Ambrose’s life looks glamorous from the outside, but she’s stopped trying to really live it. What use is a life when you have spent it losing those who are closest to you?

Ben Church has never done anything risky. He’s never been on an adventure. He’s never fallen in love. Now he wants to do it all – because Ben is running out of time.

Time seems to stop altogether when Ben and Vita meet. Brought together by their shared passion for the art and work of Leonardo da Vinci, their attraction is powerful and instantaneous. As they grow closer, life’s great joys suddenly feel within reach.

But Ben and Vita know they don’t have long together. Unless they can find a way to make their love last forever?

Rowan Coleman is the internationally bestselling and award-winning author and screenwriter of sixteen novels including THE MEMORY BOOK, THE SUMMER OF IMPOSSIBLE THINGS and THE GIRL AT THE WINDOW. A life-long Bronte fan, under the Bronte inspired pen name Bella Ellis, Rowan also writes the Bronte Mysteries – a carefully researched series of novels that imagine that before they were famous the Bronte Sisters were amateur detectives. Rowan is represented by Hellie Ogden at WME Agency.