Eye for an Eye

EYE FOR AN EYE is the gripping new thriller by Sunday Times bestseller, MJ Arlidge, published by Orion. A thought-provoking novel set in the world of the probationary services, EYE FOR AN EYE explores reform and empathy within our justice system, asking the question “Who deserves justice? And who gets to decide?”.


Some people deserve to die… But does anyone deserve to kill?

There are just six criminals in the UK who have been granted lifelong anonymity. This is because their crimes were either so heinous, or they were committed when they were children – or both. That means that once they are released, they are given new identities – new homes in new towns, with new jobs and new neighbours – and they cannot by law be named as who they are, or were…

This is a story about what happens if someone starts exposing their true identities, one by one, systematically leaking their names and addresses to the families of their victims who seek swift retribution – and even vigilante justice.

But what about the newly released prisoner, given a second chance at building a life? Or the mother, who has raised her son – the only thing she’s got right in her life – who is suddenly dragged back into the nightmare of her true past? Or the father who lost everything – and now has a chance to go down the rabbit hole of revenge that he’s fantasised about for years?

And the probation service officers on the frontline – broken people in a broken system – managing the biggest crisis in its history, while trying to find the source of the leak as their world falls apart?

Matthew Arlidge is a bestselling author whose previous books include the hit eleven-book ‘Detective Helen Grace’ series, which includes HIDE AND SEEK, LITTLE BOY BLUE, THE DOLL’S HOUSE and his debut EENY MEENY, which was a Richard and Judy pick and was sold in 29 countries. These are under option with Endor.

Matt is also a writer and creator of TV – he wrote and co-created the ITV series, INNOCENT, and has written on several other prime time TV series, as well as executive producing shows such as UNDENIABLE and MISTRESSES. He currently has several original screen projects in development.

His publishing agent is Hellie Ogden at WME.