Book To Film

The Graveyard Shift

Maria Lewis


Eve Smith

Once Upon A Legend

Ben Miller


K Patrick

RIGGED: The Incredible True Story of the Whistleblowers Jailed after Exposing the Rotten Heart of the Financial System

Andy Verity

Is this OK?

Harriet Gibsone

Perilous Times

Thomas D. Lee

Under Your Spell

Laura Wood

Into The Night: A Year With the Police

Matt Lloyd-Rose

This Family

Kate Sawyer


Roisin O'Donnell

Arrangements in Blue

Amy Key

Love On The Menu

Mimi Deb

The Institution

Helen Fields

Purgatory Poisoning

Rebecca Rogers

The Girl for the Job

Danni Brooke

The Girl Who Broke the Sea

A Connors

So Pretty

Ronnie Turner

The Witches of Vardo

Anya Bergman

Operation Nativity

Jenny Pearson

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