Book To Film

The Girl for the Job

Danni Brooke

The Girl Who Broke the Sea

A Connors

So Pretty

Ronnie Turner

The Witches of Vardo

Anya Bergman

Operation Nativity

Jenny Pearson

How To Build A Boat

Elaine Feeney

The Beauty Case

Karen Ball

Agency for Scandal

Laura Wood

The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle

Bad Men

Julie Mae Cohen

All You Ever Wanted

Susan Elliot Wright

End Of Story

Louise Swanson

The Other Ones

Fran Hart

Once Upon A Tome

Oliver Darkshire


L.D. Lapinski

The Ghost Theatre

Mat Osman

The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything

Kara Gnodde

What She Left Behind

Emily Freud

How To Solve Your Own Murder

K L Perrin

Snow Widows

Katherine MacInnes

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