Book To Film

The Chief Shepherdess

Zoe Colville

Wolf Road

Alice Roberts

The Irregular: A Different Class of Spy: (The Irregular Book 1)

HB Lyle

Reasonable People

Caroline Hulse

Eye for an Eye

MJ Arlidge

Murder at Church Lodge

Greg Mosse

We Pretty Pieces of Flesh

Colwill Brown

From Now Until Forever

Rowan Coleman


Ela Lee

In Her Defence

Philippa Malicka

Nearly All The Men In Lagos Are Mad

Damilare Kuku


Amy McCulloch

The Hotel

Louise Mumford

Would You Ask My Husband That?

Kathleen Whyman

Pirates of Darksea

Catherine Doyle


Calla Henkel

The People Watcher

Sam Lloyd

Spoilt Creatures

Amy Twigg

The Wardrobe Department

Elaine Garvey

Deadly Animals

Marie Tierney

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