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Saraphina Mattis

Born and raised in South London, Saraphina is a writer/director with a passion for storytelling that is rooted in femininity, humor and authenticity. Saraphina has always been fascinated by the women around her and uses them and herself as the basis of much of her work. Her authentic and vulnerable approach to storytelling means that her voice is not only unique but extremely relatable.

Saraphina was selected to be part of Rapmans ‘Supacell 6’ and served as shadow director on his upcoming Netflix Series ‘Supacell’. Saraphina was also selected by We are parable and Channel 4’s  to be part of the 2022 Momentum Cohort. Currently, Saraphina is in developing her web-series ‘Talia Versus’ for screen with Channel 4 and Emmy and BAFTA award winning production company Big Deal Films.