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Per-Olav Sørensen

Per-Olav is a Norwegian writer/ director and producer best known in the UK for the Netflix Series HOME FOR CHRISTMAS and QUICKSAND, as well as the multi award-winning THE SABOTEURS – a sprawling international co-production filmed in 4 languages which aired in the UK on More4. His other work for television includes HALF BROTHER and NOBEL which won the 2016 Prix Europa award for best mini/ limited series as well as the 2017 Rose d’Or award as Best Tv Drama Series. Per-Olav has received 13 Gullruten Awards (the Norwegian Emmy) for Best Drama Series and Best Directing as well as a Prix Italia, Prix Europe, Rose d’Or and FIPA Award in 2015, Kristallen (the Swedish Emmy) amongst many others. He is currently in post production on the Netflix movie “Royalteen”, as well as the Netflix production “The Playlist” – a drama series on the rise of Spotify.

Title Role Director Producer
Royalteen (in post production) The Global Ensemble
Ta meg med! Monster Scripted AS
People in the Sun Maipo Film
Title Role Director Producer
The Playlist (in post production) Yellow Bird
Home for Christmas - season 2. The Oslo Company
Home for Christmas - season 1 The Oslo Company
Quicksand FLX
Nobel Monster Scripted AS/Netflix
The Saboteurs (Kampen om tungtvannet) Filmkameratene A/S
The Half Brother (Halvbroren) Monster Scripted AS
Ali Reza and the Rezas Feelgood Scene Film & TV
Honningfellen Nordisk Film
Hilde and Brede Show
Seks som oss That's Entertainment!
Quicksand FLX
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