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Howard Charles

Title Role Director Producer
Cleaner Captain Royce Martin Campbell QWERTY Films
The Scorpion King: Book of Souls Uruk Don Michael Paul Universal
Need For Speed Manu Jason Smith
&Me Albert Norbert ter Hall Phanta Vision/ Eyeworks
Sound (Short Film) Fynn Imran Naqvi Ascension Productions
Black Forest Conrad Patrick Dinhut SyFy Channel
Title Role Director Producer
Whitstable Pearl S2 DCI Mike McGuire Jon Jones Buccaneer Media
Top Boy Curtis Myriam Raja Netflix
Whitstable Pearl Mike (Lead) David Caffrey Acorn
Shadow & Bone Arken Lee Toland Krieger Netflix
Alex Rider Wolf Andreas Prochaska Sony Pictures/ 11th Hour
Liar (Season 2) Carl Peterson James Strong Two Brothers Pictures
The Widow Tom Jenson Sam Donovan Adamaarku/ Two Brothers Pictures/ ITV
The Red Line (Series 1-2) Ethan Young Various Warner Bros
The Librarians Ambrose Gethic Marc Roskin TNT
The Musketeers (Series 1-3) Porthos (Lead) Various BBC
Switch Jack Tom Marshall Touch Paper
Title Role Director Producer
KING JOHN Philip the Bastard Sir Trevor Nunn Rose Theatre
BLACKTA Yellow David Lan Young Vic
MACBETH Malcolm Michael Boyd RSC
ENRON Security Officer/ Trader Rupert Goold Headlong
PAINTING A WALL Willy Titus Halder
THE HOUNDING OF DAVID OLUWALE Chike/ Jones Dawn Walton Eclipse Theatre
THREE SISTERS Rode Sarah Frankcom Royal Exchange Theatre