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Céin McGillicuddy

Céin (pronounced ‘Keen’) is the exciting, imaginative director behind the cult, absurdist BBC/Netflix comedy series TOP COPPERS, the exquisitely observed BBC true-crime parody SEXY MURDER and the perfectly balanced tonal tightrope that is his Channel 4 comedy crime thriller pilot LAW MAN.

As his projects demonstrate, he has an extraordinarily fine tuned instinct for finding the tone and style for whatever project he undertakes, adapting and curating the perfect approach for the script and realising it with a warm, confident and thoughtful sensibility.

This ability has garnered him a reputation as a style setter that extends beyond the scripted world, being asked to take on unscripted pilots where he focuses on finding the ‘soul’ of a show and setting a tone and style that’s right for that particular project. These include THE PENG LIFE for Channel 4, SPENCER & VOGUE for E4 and IN BED WITH JAMIE for Channel 4, all of which were commissioned to series from his pilots.

This lead to Channel 4 approaching and offering him the role of showrunner for the return of GAMESMASTER, where he was solely responsible for assembling the ambitious and multilayered creative vision in how to successfully revive the iconic video gaming challenge series after 23 years, to huge critical acclaim and viewer satisfaction.

Céin lives and breathes directing, ever since his earliest B-Movie epics GATOR and GATOR 2: HE’S BACK, which he made when he was 10 and were basically just an inflatable alligator lilo going around the house eating his family. He loves working with talented writers and producers and cares deeply about every project he takes on.

He is currently developing a feature film alongside living with his girlfriend and looking after their dog, Bess. He no longer has the lilo.

Title Role Director Producer
Sexy Murder (6 x 5’ Scripted comedy series for BBC3) Céin McGillicuddy Roughcut TV
Law Man (mini pilot for Ch4) Céin McGillicuddy Roughcut TV
Lemons (Animated comedy series for Channel 4 animation strand ‘Mashed’) The Connected Set
Top Coppers (Scripted comedy series. 1 x 30’ pilot followed by 6 x 30’ for BBC3) Roughcut TV
Danny Dyer’s Alternative Christmas Message Ch4