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Bei Na Wei

A storyteller of life’s moments, Bei Na captures and creates the beauty of the world around her through videography and photography. From travel snapshots, to culinary tablescapes and intimate at home tableaus, Bei Na shares beautiful moments that audiences imagine themselves stepping into. A master stylist, her keen eye for detail elevates the everyday to offers glimpses of a coveted London lifestyle full of exploration and travel from a cosy city apartment. Her audiences trust her earnest and honest voice as inspiration for how they can recreate and enjoy the magic for themselves.

Beyond her personal account, Bei Na also curates a unique account for her Nissan Figaro, Lola, @lepinkfigaro. A candy pink sensation, Lola is the embodiment of pure childish joy, spreading smiles and drawing attention wherever she goes. Lola’s account showcases her life around London visiting pastel hued houses, luxury hotels and charming shopfronts.

With a background in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, Bei Na is Available to create content for her platform and brand’s own social channel usage.