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Alessandro Vitale (SpicyMoustache)

Alessandro Vitale (aka SpicyMoustache) is a London based Urban farmer, content creator, author and entrepreneur. Inspired by his grandpa, Alessandro first created his urban garden seven years ago to help reconnect with nature.

Since then, he has built successful social media channels producing educational content about gardening and maximising the production of food in a small space (Alessandro grows his own food in 8×5 metres of space), foraging wild food, natural remedies and how to use every part of your fruit and vegetables with a zero waste approach for a more sustainable life even in the middle of the city. His goal is to educate his audience and the wider world not only to grow their own food and re-create the missing link with nature, but to also reduce their impact on the environment by lowering their carbon footprint.

As well as creating content for his own platforms, Alessandro also works with Charles Dowding, creating his content for YouTube and Instagram. He will also be releasing his first book Rebel Gardening in April 2023 and has appeared on the BBC’s Gardeners’ World.

Alessandro has worked with brands including Vans, NatWest, Unilever, the Trainline and BBC Earth and in November 2022, released his Fully Sustainable Seed Kit.