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Alan Mckenna

Alan has been acting in the TV and Film industry for over 20 years and has appeared in numerous productions, ranging from Hollywood movies to BAFTA winning UK television dramas. In 2011 Alan produced THE SOMNAMBULISTS with director Richard Jobson. The film premiered at The London Film Festival where its unique style and bold execution was highly acclaimed.

In early 2013 Alan wrote and starred in the award-winning short film HERE WITH ME, directed by Pete Riski. And later that same year Alan’s feature film script PRESSURE was shot at Pinewood Studios, starring Danny Huston, Matthew Goode and Joe Cole.

In 2014 Alan’s adaptation of Alan Guthrie’s acclaimed novel, SLAMMER, appeared on the Brit List. Alan’s revenge noir thriller series ANIMALS has been optioned by Citizen Jane productions in Finland. And ON THE LINE an original script centred around the world of football academies has been optioned by Sixteen Films and is gearing up to shoot in 2023. Alan has also recently sold a TV comedy series in the US and has several TV and Film projects at various stages of development.