Richard Brake

Title Role Director Producer
Hunter Feedback Pedro Alonso Ombra Films
Winslow Foxworth Coltrane 3 From Hell Rob Zombie Lionsgate
Lehmans The Rhythm Section Reed Morano Eon Productions
Credence The Dare Giles Alderson Millennium Films
The Chemist Mandy Panos Cosmatos Spectrevision
Rex The Sisters Brothers Jacques Audiard Annapurna Pictures
Tarasov The Death of Stalin Armando Iannucc Main Journey
Bob Reid Kevin Chicken Perfect Skin
Doom Head 31 Rob Zombie Alchemy
Mr. Unlucky Set Fire to the Stars Andy Goddard Mad as Birds
The Interrogator Kingsman: The Secret Service Matthew Vaughn Marv Films/ Fox
Sosa Dudaev Spy Paul Feig Twentieth Century Fox
Medved The Devils Harvest Geaorge Mendeluk Devils Harvest Production
Max The Numbers Station Kasper Barfoed Matador Pictures
Einherjar Captain Thor: The Dark World Alan Taylor Marvel Studios
Second Man The Counselor Ridley Scott Scott Free
Harry Green Asylum Blackout Alexandre Courtes Vertigo Entertainment
Grady Water for Elephants Francis Lawrence FOX 2000
Mr. Nolan Detention Joseph Kahn Detention Films
Scott O'Keefe Legacy Thomas Ikimi Black Camel Pictures
Gary Scott Halloween 2 Rob Zombie Weinstein Company/Dimension
Norman Tyrus A Good Day for It Nick Stagliano Nazz Productions
Ronald Perkins Perkins 14 Craig Singer After Dark
Lone Wolf Cuckoo Richard Bracewell Papillon Pictures
Prior Outpost Steven Barker Matador/Black Camel
Dortlich Hannibal Rising Peter Webber Dino De Laurentiis Company
Drunk American Munich Stephen Spielberg Dreamworks/Universa
Bobby DeWitt Black Dahlia Brian DePalma Signature Pictures
John Isham The Tonto Woman Daniel Barber Rose Hackney Barber
Dean Portman Doom Andrzej Bartkowiak Universal Pictures
Joe Chill Batman Begins Christopher Nolan Warner Bros
Van Beuren Soul Searcher Neil Oseman Jigawatt Pictures
Nym Cold Mountain Anthony Mingella Miramax
Pierce Tencil, Subterfuge Herb Freed Avalanche
Steve Baker Virtual Terror Nigel Barton
Scott Ridley Death Machine Stephen Norrington Trimark
Title Role Director Producer
Mark Patrick Melrose Edward Berger Showtime
Carol Speed Sanctuary Oskar Thor Axelsson Yellow Bird
Absentia Harlow Oded Ruskin Sony
Earl Frost The Royals Mark Schwahn Lionsgate
Seneca 8 Days That Made Rome Jim Greayer October Films
Luther Shrike Supernatural Robert Singer Warner Brothers Television
Geiseric Barbarians Rising, Simon George History Channel
Kaledin Peaky Blinders Tim Mielants BBC 2/ Tiger Aspect
Henry Garavito Hawaii Five-0 Peter Weller CBS-TV
Vlad Ray Donovan Rob McLachlan Showtime
Nigel Edmund Grimm Terrence O\'Hara NBC-TV
Arak Beowulf Stephen Woolfenden ITV
Baron Pryce The Bastard Executioner Paris Barclay F/X Network
Deszu Magyar Transporter: The Series Eric Valette Atlantique Productions/ TNT
Tim Darrow American Kannibal Simon George Discovery Channel Drama
Nights King Game of Thrones Michelle Maclaren HBO
Terry Mob City Frank Darabont TNT/ USA
Winston Smith Crossing Lines, , Eric Valette Tandem/ NBC
Mcendoe The Deep BBC
Alexander Fitzpatrick Above Suspicion Gillies MacKinnon ITV/ La Plante Productions
John Bordinay NCIS: Los Angeles Rob Holcomb CBS Television
Georgi M.I. High Matt King Kudos/ BBC
Rich Kiesel Cold Case Donald Thorin CBS/ Warner Bros
Dutch Mike Keen Eddie Alan Taylor Paramount Pictures
Bat-Day Steve Shill BBC Television
Reporter Jeeves And Wooster Ferdinand Fairfax ITV
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