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Kim Cattrall

Title Role Director Producer
Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans Agrippina Dominic Brigstocke BBC Films
The Ghost Writer Amelia Bly Roman Polanski R.P. Productions
Meet Monica Velour Monica Velour Keith Bearden Gilbert Films
Sex And The City 2 Samantha Michael Patrick King New Line Cinema
Sex And The City Samantha Jones Michael Patrick King New Line Cinema
The Tiger's tail Jane O'Leary John Boorman Outsider Pictures
Ice Princess Tina Harwood Tim Fywell Walt Disney
Shortcut To Happiness Constance Hurry Alex Baldwin YFG
Crossroads Caroline Tamra Davis Paramount Pictures
15 Minutes Cassandra John Herzfeld New Line Cinema
Baby Geniuses Robin Bob Clark Tristar Pictures
Deadly Harvest Susan Franklin Timothy Bond Burg-Ambassador
Exception To The Rule Carla Rainer David Winning Artisan Enterprises
Unforgettable Kelly John Dahl MGM
Where Truth Lies Racquel Chambers William H. Molina Silverline Pictures
Above Suspicion Gail Cain Steven Schachter HBO
Live Nude Girls Jamie Julianna Lavin IRS Media
Breaking Point Alison Meadows Paul Ziller Entertainment Sec.
Split Second Michelle McLaine Tony Maylam Challenge Film Co.
Star Trek VI Lt. Valeris Nicholas Meyer Paramount Pictures
The Bonfire Of Vanities Jude McCoy Brian de Palma Warner Brothers
Return Of The Musketeers Justine de Winter Richard Lester Universal Pictures
Masquerade Brooke Morrison Bob Swaim MGM
Midnight Crossing Alexa Schubb Roger Holzberg Vestron Pictures
Mannequin Emmy Michael Gottlieb Gladden Enterprises
Big Trouble In Little China Grace Law John Carpenter 20th Century Fox
Turk 182! Danny Boudreau Bob Clark Interscope Comms
Hold-Up Lise Alexandre Arcady Cerito Films
Police Academy Karen Thompson Hugh Wilson The Ladd Co.
Ticket To Heaven Ruthie Ralph L Thomas CDFC
Porky's Honeywell Bob Clark MSP
Tribute Sally Haines Bob Clark Triberius Film Productions
Title Role Director Producer
Filthy Rich Margaret Monreaux Various Fox
Tell Me a Story (series 1) Colleen Powell Various CBS All Access
Modus Helen Tyler Lisa Siwe/Hakan Lindhe BBC 4
Sensitive Skin S1-2 Davina Jackson Don McKellar HBO
Witness For The Prosecution Emily French Julien Jarrold BBC
Ruby Robinson Ruby Matt Lipsey Sky Arts
Producing Parker Dee Various Global
Any Human Heart Gloria Scabius Michael Samuels Channel 4
36 Hours To Die Kim Stone Yves Simoneau Warner Home Video
Creature Dr Amanda Mayson Stuart Gillard Hallmark
Modern Vampires Ulrike Richard Elfman Columbia TriStar
Sex And The City S1-7 Samantha Jones Various HBO
The Outer Limits Rebecca Highfield Various Alliance
Invasion Dr Sheila Moran Armand Mastroianni Hallmark
Duckman Tami Marguiles Various Klasky-Csupo
Every Woman's Dream Liz Wells Steven Schachter CBS
The Heidi Chronicles Susan Paul Bogart TNT
Dream On Jeannie Various HBO
Wild Palms Paige Katz K Gordon/K Bigelow ABC
Running Delilah Christina/Delilah Richard Franklin ABC
Double Vision Caroline/Lisa Robert Knights CC
Miracle In The Wilderness Dora Adams Kevin James Dobson TNT
Tales Of The Golden Monkey Whitney Bunting Various Fabulous Films
Trapper John, M.D. Amy West Various 20th Century Fox
Scruples Melanie Adams Alan J Levi Lou Step Productions
The Incredible Hulk Dr Gabrielle White Various Universal TV
The Rebels Anne Kent Russ mayberry OPT
Crossbar Katie Barlow John Trent CBC
Charlie's Angels Sharron Kellerman Various ABC
The Hardy Boys Marie Claire Various ABC
Columbo Joanna Nicholls Vincent MvEveety NBC Universal TV
Starsky & Hutch Emily Harrison Various ABC
The Paper Chase Karen Clayton Various 20th Century Fox
Family Susan Madison Various Icarus Productions
Good Against Evil Linday Isley Paul Wendkos 20th Century Fox
Quincy M.E. John DeReatis Various NBC
Logan's Run Rama II Paul Krasny/Irving Moore CBS
Title Role Director Producer
Sweet Bird Of Youth Alexandra De Lago Marianne Elliot Old Vic
Anthony And Cleopatra Cleopatra Janet Suzman Everyman Playhouse
Private lives Amanda Richard Eyre Music Box, Broadway
Private Lives Amanda Richard Eyre Vaudeville
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