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Kenneth Colley

Title Role Director Producer
Scar Tissue Weaver Scott Michell Sterling Pictures Ltd
Holding On Philip Henderson Afonso Reis Sousa Altered Perceptions
Hold Back The Night Bob Phil Davis Parallax Pictures
Shadow Run Larcombe Geoffrey Reeve Majestic Films &TV
Robert Ryland's Last Journey Archdale Gracia Querejeta Alta Films
Brassed Off Greasley Mark Herman Channel 4 Films
La Vie De Boheme Balayeur de Rues Aki Kaurismaki Sputnik
I Hired A Contract Killer The Killer Aki Kaurismaki Esselte Video
The Last Island Nick Marleen Gorris First Floor Features
The Rainbow Mr Brunt Ken Russell Vestron Pictures
A Summer Story Jim Piers Haggard ITC
The Whistle Blower Bill Pickett Simon Langton Portreeve
Return To Waterloo The Traveller Ray Davies Waterloo Films
Star Wars: Return of The Jedi Admiral Piett Marcus Farquand Lucas Film
Firefox Kontarsky Clint Eastwood Malpaso Company
Giro City Martin Karl Francis Silverealm Ltd
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Admiral Piett Irvin Kershner Lucas Film
Life Of Brian Jesus Terry Jones HandMade Films
Jabberwocky 1st Fanatic Terry Gilliam Python Films
Flame Tony Devlin Richard Loncraine Goodtimes Enterprises
Lisztomania Frederic Chopin Ken Russell Goodtimes Enterprises
Juggernaut Detective Brown Richard Lester David V. Picker productions
Mahler Krenek Ken Russell Goodtimes Enterprises
Hitler: The Last 10 Days Boldt Ennio de concini Tomorrow Enterprises
The Triple Echo Provo Corporal Michael Apted Hemdale
The Music Lovers Tchaikovsky Ken Russell Russ-Arts
The Devils Legrand Ken Russell Russo Productions
Performances Tony Farrell Donald Cammell Goodtimes Enterprises
Title Role Director Producer
Peaky Blinders Vincente Changretta Tim Mielants BBC
Holby City Dudley Clarke Various BBC
The Scar Bentik (lead) US TV
Vera Ron Winterson Various ITV
Misfits Old Dark Rudy Various Clerkenwell for E4
Mrs Bradley Mysteries Archie Burrington James Hawes BBC
Casualty Arthur Cobb Various BBC
The Bill 'Slinging Mud' Mr Barker Various Thames
Always & Everyone Joseph Jon East/ P Smith Granada
Dangerfield Bill Hunter Various BBC
Heartbeat VIII Clive Harris Gerry Mill Yorkshire
Cruel Earth Mark Various Granada
Peak Practice Stan Jordan Alan Grint Carlton
Wycliffe Sam Peploe Martyn Friend HTV
The Bill'Boiling Point' Spt. Shannon Various Thames
Solomon & Sheba Nathan Robert M Young Dino de Laurentiis & Co.
The Bill 'Who Cares' Patrick Houghton Various Thames
Moving Story (Series I) Ken Utley Various Paravision
Moving Story (series 2) Ken Utley Various Paravision
Unnatural Causes Gerry Reckless John Davies Anglia
Between The Lines Tattersall Various BBC
Inspector Morse Patrick Dawson Various Zenith
Minder Ron Various Euston Films
Casualty Paddy Various BBC
The Plot To Kill Hitler Keitel Lawrence Schiller Jadran Film
Poirot Matthew Davenheim Various LWT
Great Writers Inspector Heat LWT
Casanova Le Duc US TV
Timewatch Napoleon Various BBC
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