Charlotte Hope

Title Role Director Producer
The Piper Mel Erlingur Thoroddsen Millenium
The Nun Sister Victoria Corin Hardy New Line Pictures
Allied Louise Robert Zemeckis GK Films
Three Christs Becky Jon Avnet Brookyln Films
A United Kingdom Olivia Lancaster Anma Asante AUK Productions
Testament of Youth Betty James Kent BBC Films
Miss You Already Young Jess Catherine Hardwicke Embargo Films
The Invisible Woman Effie Ralph Fiennes BBC Films
Theory of Everything Phillipa Hawking James Marsh Working Title
Les Miserables Factory Woman Tom Hooper Working Title
Long Time Coming Willow Clarke Steven Nesbitt Moli Films
Title Role Director Producer
The Spanish Princess 2 Catherine of Aragon Various New Pictures/ Starz
The English Game Alma Kinnaird Birgitte Stærmose Netflix / 42
Bancroft Annabel Lawrence Gough ITV
The Spanish Princess Catherine of Aragon Various New Pictures
Endeavour Eve Brady Hood Mammoth Screen Ltd
Diana & I Sophie Peter Cataneo Big Talk/BBC
Houdini & Doyle Molly Morgan Robert Lieberman Big Talk
Game of Thrones Myranda Various HBO
Law and Order Holly Jill Robertson ITV
Love and Marriage Alice Roger Goldby ITV
Whitechapel Josie Eagle ITV Richard Signy
The Musketeers Charlotte Mellendorf Andy Hay/Farren Blackburn BBC
Vera - Series 4 Saskia Barnes Will Sinclair ITV
Marked Primrose Greg Ellis Sprout Pictures
Doctors Niamh Curran James Larkin BBC
Some Girls Jenny Adam Miller BBC 3
Missing Caitlin Morgan Laurence Wilson BBC
Casualty Ava Dunlop Patrick Harkins BBC
Waking The Dead Abigail Harding Edward Bennett BBC
Death In Paradise Lucy Preville Edward Bennett
Title Role Director Producer
Good For Otto Mum Scott Elliott The New Group
Albion Zara Rupert Goold The Almeida
Buried Child Shelly Scott Elliott ATG/Trafalgar Studios
A Midsummer Night's Dream Hermia Liverpool Everyman Nick Bagnall
Belarus The Woman Alice Hamilton Arcola Theatre
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